Susan's Peugeot


It all started when...

Susan visited Velow Bikeworks looking for a fast, reliable and easy to maintain single speed to take with her to London to use for commuting and weekend rides around the city.

Choices Choices Choices

By visiting the Velow bike workshop in Leith Susan was able to see the full range of frames and components in stock, making it much easier to choose the perfect frame: A beautiful mid-80s pearl white Peugeot made with Reynolds 753 lightweight tubing. We also chatted through build options and decided that a single speed set-up would be ideal for what she wanted to use it for. 

Susan's single speed

Susan's single speed

The gearing and 28mm tyres were chosen to allow Susan to comfortably negotiate whatever terrain she might encounter on the streets of London. Riser bars allow for a comfortable upright position on the bike and Tektro levers with Shimano 105 callipers provide exceptional stopping power.

Geared for comfortable city riding

Geared for comfortable city riding

THE Final Touches

Once built Susan was able to hand pick the saddle and grips to complete the full custom bike build.

I love it, I can’t wait to ride it. Thanks!
— Susan, December 2017