Adrian's Graham Weigh


It all started when...

Robin approached Velow in late 2016 with an idea to secretly bring his brother's Graham Weigh back to life and present it back to him as a surprise present on his birthday. The bike had been neglected for many years and was in a bit of a sorry state. It had a mixture of components from Shimano to Weinmann and Gipiemme to Campagnolo, none of which were salvageable. 



After assessing the frame to make sure it was worth refurbishing I completely stripped the bike and checked all threads and tubes. I sent the frame to Mercian Cycles in Derby for a full repaint and decal set to match the original finish. There were some nice details with the original paintwork that we were keen to retain; reverse colour inserts in the cut-outs of the lugs. 

Meanwhile I went about sourcing period-correct components to compliment the frame. Robin had requested a Campagnolo groupset from the early 1990s which was sourced from Italy (naturally). The groupset was 25+ years old so took a bit of time and elbow grease to bring it back to its original shiny state. The original wheels were not usable so a NOS set of Campagnolo wheels had been sourced and polished up nicely.

THE Build

With the frame back from Mercian it was time to build the bike back up. With a brand new headset and bottom bracket fitted, the groupset was added along with period-correct gumwall tyres, bartape and saddle. It was a real pleasure to bring this bike back to life and ensure its owner can get many more years of pleasure from it. 

The finished bike in the hands of its new (original) owner.

The finished bike in the hands of its new (original) owner.

Cheers Walter, top job!
— Robin Atkinson, April 2017
Fantastic job Walter, absolutely delighted with it. Look forward to getting it out on the road.
— Adrian Atkinson, April 2017